Aqua-Max of Maine


Water Treatment
Radon Mitgation

Aqua-Max of Maine offers full and custom installation on all of our products, systems and electric wiring.

Testing On Site
All of our staff carry an extensive portable lab with them. Having your water tested on site, right in front of you, may alleviate any skepticism you may have about the integrity of the water test. Utilizing a miniature water treatment device at your own kitchen sink you can actually see how well the recommended system would work.

Certified Laboratory Testing
We always encourage the use of a certified laboratory water analysis prior to installing treatment equipment. Consumers need to get the facts from unbiased sources inorder to make an educated decision. A & L Laboratory Inc. in Auburn, Maine is a Nationaly accredited laboratory with over 30 years of experience in drinking water and radon analysis.

We are a member of the Water Quality Association(WQA), an international trade association representing the residential, commercial, industrial and small community water treatment industry. Dan Cote also sits as a Board Member for the Eastern Water Quality Association which serves the eastern part to the United States.All of our salespeople are certified knowledgeable, have passed WQA exams, and have been factory trained.

Job Well Done!
One of our salesmen, Wayne Bates, was named top educator/salesperson of the year for Hague Quality Water Products in the North East region. Bates follows the WQA industry code of ethics along with participating in the annual certification programs. Bates is proud to be a member of WQA; being knowledgable makes him better at hois job and keeps him ontop of the newest innovatations and techniques.